Sparring Workout
Friday, September 15
If you're looking to improve your sparring, combat sparring, or team sparring skills be sure to join us for this amazing regional workout!
Registration Coming Soon
South Bend A Tournament - September16
Make sure you mark your calender for the Class A Tournament at the Century Center in South Bend, IN
Regional Training Camp - September 29 - October 1
Join us for our annual training camp in Syracuse, IN at Camp Quaker Haven. This is an opportunity for you to train with the Masters and high ranks of our region. We will also be offering Level Up opportunities for those who are eligable.
Regional Testing - November 3
Talk to your instructor to see if you are eligable to test at this event. You're instructor will need to register you for this event.
Tecumseh Tournament - November 4
The final tournament for 2017 in our region will be hosted by Chief Master Sandoval and will include special guest Chief Master Whitehead!