Regional Testing
On Friday, November 13 we will be having a regional testing for Black Belts with their instructors permission to midterm or test. Testing will start at 7:00 at the Grand Wayne Center.
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Judging Certification Seminar
Need to certify or recertify for your level 1-3 chevron? Be sure to take the appropriate test online (click below) and then bring it to our certification seminar on Friday, November 13 immediatly after the Regional Testing.
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Ft. Wayne Tournament
Join us for the last tournament of 2015 at the beautiful Grand Wayne Center in Ft. Wayne on November 14.
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Certification Camp - Syracuse, IN
Level up to your next collar, certify, or recertify at this year's regional certification camp on November 6-8. This will be the last certification camp held in our region so be sure to register today.
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