ATA Xtreme Rules 2012-2013

ATA Xtreme Rule Updates – 2012-2013 Tournament Season

There are a few rule updates for the new tournament season. These tournament updates will begin on the Saturday of World Championships with the new tournament year. Below is a highlight of the updates. Please be sure to read the entire rules and check with your instructor before competition.

  • There is a new, specific way in which competitors must bow in and introduce themselves (if they wish). Competitors will no longer be allowed to bow in and then leave the ring to re-enter and introduce themselves. Please read the full details in the rules and watch the video on when it’s live.
  • First aspect of judging will be Creativity, Difficulty, Presentation, Attitude and Percision of the taekwondo techniques presented. The second aspect a judge will consider are the “tricks” and “variety of tricks” presented in the form.
  • The total time limit of 2 minutes will stand regardless of any music malfunction. Competitors should continue without music if there is any delay and have the person designated to play their music take the appropriate action in keeping with the wishes of that competitor.
  • All types of kicks and combinations are allowed as long as the instructor of the competitor approves of the safety aspect of the presentation. Safety is the number one concern.
  • There will be no novice division for ATA Xtreme.
  • A drop of a weapon will receive a 2 tenths deduction.
  • If a weapon is not picked up in the traditional manner another 2 tenths will be deducted.
  • If the weapon is dropped more then once all three judges will continue to deduct 2 tenths of a point in the same manner. The lowest score possible is a 9.1
  • Color belts can use any weapon in the protech curriculum but they must be the ATA protech safety weapons with the exception of the Jahng Bong.
  • The use of double swords are allowed for Black Belts ONLY.
  • At Regional events ATA-Xtreme divisions, male/female, that have less than 5 in each gender WILL be combined with the other gender divisions of the same age. (color belts or black belt divisions) to provide competition opportunities.

Again, this is just an overview. Please read the official rules before you participate in the ATA Xtreme competition. These updates will not effect the Top Ten competition at the 2012 World Championships. They WILL begin for the regular competition on Saturday and Sunday.

 View the official rules here.

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